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Welcome to the launch page for your new 401K program!  This is the first step to launching the most flexible nd comprehensive 401K available for your employees, offering best-in-class investment opportunities, while ridding yourself of the burdens of managing the 401K.

Dynamique’s Advantage401kPEP is a modernized 401k solution known as a POOLED EMPLOYER PROGRAM for small businesses to medium-sized businesses, who want more than the limited investment options provided by bargain basement payroll providers and 401k aggregators.  We provide a low-cost 401k benefit that supports the recruiting and retention of your employees because of its ease to set up, operate, and investment choice. 

In order to launch, we require the completion of the following company information form (if you were interested in having someone contact you to answer questions about launching or transitioning a 401K with us, click here):